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I am a geek girl first and foremost. I’m a lover of film and television, a techie, a blogger, a designer, a travel nerd, an on-camera personality, and an entrepreneur who currently has 3 companies. With a deep love for the world of comics, I also love coding, gaming, writing, photography, and fashion.

My interests may seem broad, but I do everything I do with a great deal of passion. To me, life is about creating beauty – whether that is in creating beautiful designs and content or beautiful relationships and experiences. I want to make people smile and encourage them to embrace what makes them happy – especially if they were bullied or made fun of for it.

My mission with all my work is to hopefully make the world a better and more beautiful place… and just a little bit geekier. 😉

Your Geek Girl,
Emma Loggins

Quick Stats
Twitter: 18k Followers (Visit)
Instagram: 23k Followers (Visit)
Blog: 500k Monthly Visitors
Owned Brands: FanBolt | Women’s Business Daily | Excite CS | Tales of Emma (Coming Soon. Self-Produced Web Series.)

Blogger + Host

Named one of Atlanta’s top tech talents to watch, Geek Girl Emma Loggins is the founder and editor of the popular lifestyle site FanBolt where she updates daily on the latest happenings in the television and film industry, the world of technology, must-visit travel destinations (she has a web series focused on travel in the works) – and really any that you’d be a fan of and geek out over! The site, which Emma also designed and developed by herself, currently has over 200,000 members, receives an average of half a million hits per month, and has given away over $200,000 in movie and television related contests since it first launched over a decade ago. She has conducted over 1,000 celebrity interviews with talent such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Joss Whedon, Betty White, William Shatner, Harrison Ford, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Aaron Paul, Johan Hill, and so many more!

As a result of interviewing so many celebrities over the years, Emma is now a big fan of public speaking. She has spoken at over 50 events ranging from 5 to over 2,500 attendees, and she continues to seek out more speaking opportunities on everything from web usability, user interface design, web development, social media, web community building, blogging, and more.

In 2004, Emma was asked to be the official blogger for the FOX television series The O.C., and in 2005, she was interviewed by People Magazine for having one of the best television show websites. She was also a contributing writer on geek culture for several years with CNN.com.

Emma Loggins has done on-camera host and media personality work for a number of cons where she interviews cast members of The Walking Dead, Lost, Breaking Bad, Gotham, and more and produces exclusive content for the conventions.

Emma is also the founder and editor in chief of Women’s Business Daily, a site targeted at millennial female entrepreneurs who are chasing their dream and making it happen. Women’s Business Daily compliments their mission by providing daily content to motivate, inspire and educate them on their journeys as well as help them achieve the ideal work/life balance!

Over the years, Emma has also worked with a number of brands across all her social media profiles in addition to her websites. Some of these brands include Target, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, NARS, Coffee-mate, Coca Cola, Visit Scotland, Toyota, and more!

Designer + Developer + Social Media

Aside from the world of entertainment, Emma has another company, Excite Creative Studios. She has been designing websites since 1998. From small local businesses in Atlanta all the way up to campaigns with Warner Brothers for television series such as Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, and The Vampire Diaries, Loggins has worked with 100’s of businesses to design and optimizing their web presence and also their social media marketing.

The Background AKA The Wonder Years

Emma was Valedictorian of her high school’s graduating class, and she went on to graduate with her Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia and Web Design (with a 4.0 GPA) from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2006 where she won “Best in Show” at the school’s graduating portfolio show. However, Emma wasn’t quite done with furthering her education just yet,  and in 2009 she received her Masters of Fine Art Degree in Web Design/New Media from The Academy of Art in San Francisco.

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